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PODCAST 1 – Urolithiasis Symptoms, Evaluation, and Diagnosis, Treatment

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Urology Podcast | Urology Hospitals in Bangalore
Urology Podcast | Urology Hospitals in Bangalore

Urology Treatment in Bangalore | Nelivigi Multispeciality Hospital

Welcome to “Nelivigi Multispeciality” podcast, this is Dr. Girish Nelivigi, Urologist and Andrologist with you.

Doctors are often focused on not only direct patient care, but also disease prevention. Sharing knowledge about diseases is an important element in disease prevention. Doctors can share information or knowledge to their patients in many ways like one-on-one counseling sessions with patients or through community education sessions.

So to fulfill our responsibility of being a doctor I have created this show known as “Nelivigi Multispeciality Podcast” wherein every week we come out with various health-related topics on Urology, General Medicine, Pediatrics, Infertility and Gynecology to help you live your best and makes a bit easier to understand. And this week I shall be talking about “Urolithiasis: Symptoms, Evaluation and Diagnosis, Treatment”.

So, today’s podcast is very important. Listen to it carefully

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