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Renal cysts or kidney cysts

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Top urologist for Renal cysts in Bangalore| Dr Girish nelivigi

I wanted to write about this topic because it is a very common finding on ultrasound abdomen. Whenever anyone undergoes ultrasound abdomen for any reason, it is  common to see a report which reads like this. ”There is a cyst in the left kidney measuring 2×1 cms in size arising from the midpole with clear contents and no vascularity within” .

Now, what does it mean? Is it alarming? Does it need more tests? Is any treatment needed?

Let’s find out.

Cysts are fluid filled cavities anywhere in the body. When they occur in the kidneys they are called renal cysts. The fluid that they contain is filtrated plasma which is like water. That’s why they are also called simple renal cysts. Cysts in the kidney are acquired lesions and they usually start appearing in twenties. They increase in incidence with increasing age with almost half the population having cysts in the kidney in their fifties and sixties.

What causes cysts in the kidney? These are formed when parts of renal tubules get pinched off from the main segment and over a period of time, get completely detached from the tubules.

Do they cause harm?

They are harmless and do not damage the kidneys in any way. The rare exception is when grow enormously in size and compress the kidney causing pain and blockage. However such a situation is rare. Most of the cysts are small in size upto 2-3 cms in size. Therefore almost always the urologist advises conservative treatment for such cysts.

Which renal cysts need treatment?

Cysts which contain blood, pus , calcification or solid matter inside need further evaluation and treatment. Such conditions occur when there is bleeding in the cyst, infection in the cyst or cancer in the cyst. Such cysts are called complex renal cysts.They need further tests like CT scan or MRI . Based on the finding of these investigations, treatment will be advised by the urologist.Some cysts which grow in size or change in character during follow-up also need treatment.

Take home message:

Cysts in the kidney or renal cysts are by and large common and harmless lesions which can be left untreated.

Top urologist for Renal cysts in Bangalore| Dr Girish nelivigi

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