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Psychological Counselling

Psychological Counselling

“Bogged down emotionally – Taking a step ahead feels like moving a mountain”.

Talking out and seeing things from a new perspective is probably the need of the hour!!

Counselling focuses on how people function both personally and in their relationships at all ages. Addresses the emotional, social, work and physical health concerns people may have at different stages in their lives, focusing on typical life stresses and more severe issues with which people may struggle as individuals and as a part of families, groups and organizations. The focus here is to get to the grass root of the issue and prune it out there. Counselling helps people with physical, emotional and mental health issues improve their sense of well‐being, alleviate feelings of distress and resolve crises.

Counselor: Uma Nandakumar

Indian Cancer Society, St John’s Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Sri Shankara Cancer Care & Indian Army

Uma Nandakumar
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