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Podcast 5: Kidney stone in children

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Treatment for Kidney Stones in Children Bangalore | Nelivigi Multispeciality

Treatment for Kidney stones in children | Nelivigi Multispeciality
Podcast Featured Image – Kidney stones in children

Welcome back to “Nelivigi Multispeciality” podcast, this is Dr. Girish Nelivigi, Urologist and Andrologist with you.

In today’s podcast episode I am going to talk about “Kidney stone in children”

Whenever a child has a stone in the kidney, the parents are very much disturbed because pain suffers by the child as well as the anxiety about the treatment. And they also worried about what lifestyle changes have bought in the child to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Now, let us see what are the causes of stones in children.

Broadly speaking, the causes of kidney stones in children are the same as that in adults. The majority of them are composed of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate.

So, today’s podcast is very important to know what are the causes of kidney stones and their treatment. Listen to it carefully.

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