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Hydrocele and its complication

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A hydrocele is a bothersome condition in males. In this condition, the sac around the testis gets filled with fluid. As a result the scrotum gets swollen and it appears as enlarged


hydrocele is very common in children compared to adults The main causes of hydrocele development in adults are injury, inflammation, tumors, blockage of the spermatic cord, infections, etc.

Signs of Hydrocele

Painless swelling is the first sign of hydrocele. Though the lump is painless, the enlargement of the scrotum may leads to heaviness and discomfort.

A hydrocele is quite an awkward situation. It can hamper your normal routine life. Sometimes, it can also become a reason for awkwardness for some men.

Usually hydroceles are harmless and do not pose any risk to the testis. But if left untreated for a long time, serious complications can arise.

Let’s try to understand as some of the complications that can be due to untreated hydroceles.

Rupture of the hydrocele

With time accumulation of fluid in sacs the pressure on the scrotum may increase and it can lead to rapture of the hydrocele. This is one of the common complications of hydrocele

Formation of Haematocele

Injury or trauma to the scrotal region, can lead to spontaneous bleeding into the sac and can lead to the formation of hematocele

Infections and Pyocele

Pyocele can occur if the fluid present in the scrotum gets infected.

Risk of Fournier’s Gangrene

Hydrocele can act as an important risk factor for Fournier’s gangrene

Sexual Dysfunction

In many cases Hydrocele can be the reason for Sexual Dysfunction

Permanent damage to the testis:

This testis may get twisted if there is an extra pressure on the testis because of injuries to scrotum

Testicular atrophy and male infertility:

Testicular atrophy is the condition when the large hydroceles often obstruct the blood flow to the testis. This eventually can lead to male infertility

Treat hydrocele on time

Quick treatment on time is recommended if you are suffering from hydrocele.

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