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Podcast 21: ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy)

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Urologist in Bellandur | Dr. Girish Nelivigi | Nelivigi Urology

Urologist in Bellandur | ESWL Procedure | Nelivigi Multispeciality

Welcome back to the “Urology for Everyone” podcast channel. This is Dr. Girish Nelivigi, Urologist in Bellandur, Bangalore at Nelivigi Multispeciality Hospital with you. In today’s Podcast episode I am going to talk about “ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy)” is a procedure where sound waves are used to fragment stones in the kidney and the ureter. These fragments are then passed in the urine. Lot of people suffer from kidney stone. Many kidney stones are very small in size and the doctor usually tells to drink more water so that the stones come out. However there are some stones which are large and cannot be treated by just drinking water. They need a therapy called Shock Wave Lithotripsy.

Listen to this 4-minutes podcast featuring Dr. Girish Nelivigi, Director of the Nelivigi Multispeciality Hospital, Bellandur, Bangalore as he discusses “ESWL”.

So, today’s podcast is very important. Listen to it carefully.

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